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Product    Janabima    Monthly Savings Micro Insurance-MDMI

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Monthly savings scheme is a very popular savings scheme among the people of the country. of this project Through this, the low income people of the country save on a monthly basis with a profit over a fixed period of time All savers get money back, which enriches their economic lives. In that light National Life Insurance Company Jan Bhima Monthly Savings is designed for low income people Introduced a scheme called Micro Insurance (with Profit) or MDMI. This plan is the same Along with a saving and security plan.

"Monthly Savings Micro Insurance-MDMI"

(With Profit)

Features & Eligibility:

Types of plan: It is a whole life assurance plan with profit.
Minimum entry age: 18 years
Maximum entry age: 60 years
Minimum sum assured:Tk. 30,000/=
Maximum sum assured:Tk. 1,00,000/=
Policy terms: 70 years.
Mode of payment: Monthly (minimum monthly premium 100/- and its multiples).
Term of policy:From 5 to 25 years
Income tax: Income tax relief permissible.
Premium Calculation : Premium rate chart (per thousand) given in the brochure.
Supplementary Raid:Supplementary insurance cannot be taken with this insurance.


Survival: On survival of the policy holder up to maturity full sum assured with accrued bonus will be paid.
Death: On death of the policy holder sum assured with accrued bonus up to that day will be paid.
Others:The premium of this insurance is free from income tax.

Supplementary Insurance Brochure

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