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Product    Islami Takaful    Hajj Insurance

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Hajj is the pilgrim of Muslims, a divine course of action for a devotee. Hajj is one of the five commandments (fardh) for a Muslim. It is mandatory if one has financial solvency as well as sound health. Whether you are rich or poor, as an ideal Muslim you are likely to have the desire to go MECCA and do Hajj. National Life Insurance is privileged to offer its product naming HAJJ POLICY in this regard. Hajj policy is a useful way of savings for the purpose of doing Hajj or Umrah. On survival, the policy holder gets the amount in Amanat fund with selected profit according to the profit and loss system, with which he can accomplish Hajj or Umrah. He can surrender his policy and take the amount in Amanat fund anytime within the policy term.


Features & Eligibility:

Types of plan: It is an Endowment Islamic Takaful Assurance Plan to perform Holy Hajj
Minimum entry age:  18 years
Maximum entry age:  55 years
Minimum sum assured: Tk. 1,00,000/=
Maximum sum assured: Based on socio-economic condition
Minimum maturity age:  28 years
Maximum maturity age:  70 years
Policy terms:  10,15 & 20 years
Mode of payment:  Yearly, Half-yearly
Income tax: Income tax relief permissible
Premium Calculation :  Premium rate chart(per thousand)given in the brochure.


On survival: After maturity the amount deposited to the PA(Mudaraba Fund) will be paid with accrued bonus.
Death Benefits: On death within policy term, the amount of money in the Amanat fund with selected profit according to the profit and loss system will be paid to the nominee of the policy holder.

Supplementary Insurance Brochure

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