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Product    Individual (Akok Bima)    Child Protection Policy

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Our Child Protection Policy will insure you and your child both under the same policy. Should the child loss you before the policy matures, all the future premiums will be waived, yet the full sum insured and Bonuses will be paid to the child on the maturity of the policy. Bonuses continue to accrue even after father's death. In addition, an income of Tk. 100/- per year per thousand Sum insured will be paid per year to the child for the remaining years of the policy or till death of the child, if earlier. Should both survive the policy term, full sum assured together with declared bonuses, shall become payable.



Features & Eligibility:

Types of plan: It is an Endowment assurance plan for child protection.
Child's minimum age: 6 months.
Child's maximum age at entry: 18 years.
Minimum sum assured:Tk. 30,000/=
Maximum sum assured:Based on socio-economic condition.
Child's Minimum maturity age: 18 years
Child's Maximum maturity age: 30 years
Policy terms: From 10 to 29 years
Mode of payment: Yearly, Half-yearly
Income tax: Income tax relief permissible.
Premium Calculation : Premium rate chart (per thousand) given in the brochure.
Payor:Father only accepted as payor. If he is dead or uninsurable, mother can be payor, provided she is educated and a working lady.
Payor's age:21 to 55 years.


After Commencement of policy if child dies within(years) Benefits
Not more than 1 20% of sum assured plus accrued bonus.
More than 1 but not more than 240% of sum assured plus accrued bonus.
More than 2 but not more than 360% of sum assured plus accrued bonus.
More than 3 but not more than 480% of sum assured plus accrued bonus.
More than 4100% of sum assured plus accrued bonus.

   On death of policy holder within the term future premiums will be waived. For annual premium of Tk. 1000/= an allowance of Tk.100/= is payable on survival of the insured child or till the day of child's death before the expiry of term and after maturity of the policy sum assured is payable with accrued bonus.

   On child's death within the term payment of sum insured subject to lien with profits.

   On survival of both child and payor full sum assured with accrued bonus is payable after maturity.

Supplementary Insurance Brochure

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