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Product    Individual (Akok Bima)    Assurance Cum Pension Policy

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This scheme also provides benefits of life insurance and lifetime pension. That is, pension Security of life insurance in case of death before commencement, pension for retired life if surviving. May the days of retirement be carefree, thoughtless, carefree, peaceful and serene With this in mind, National Life Insurance Company has launched pension insurance for senior citizens did However, in the case of women, education (minimum SSC/equivalent), employment, businessmen and Professional women such as doctors, lawyers can take this policy.


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Features & Eligibility:

Types of plan: It is an Assurance Cum Pension Policy insurance.
Minimum entry age: 20 years
Maximum entry age: 55 years
Minimum sum assured:Tk. 30,000/=
Maximum sum assured:Based on socio-economic condition
Minimum maturity age: 30 years
Maximum maturity age: 70 years
Age of the policy holder at the beginning of pension:From 55 to 60 years
Mode of payment: Yearly, Half-yearly
Term of policy:From 5 to 40 years
Income tax: Income tax relief permissible.
Premium Calculation : Premium rate chart (per thousand) given in the brochure.


01.Offers both life insurance and pension for life i.e., on death before the start of pension receives the benefits of a life insurance and on survival enjoys the pension after retirement.
02. At least ten years guarantee of receiving pension. If the policy holder dies within 10 years period after starting to receive pension, his/her nominee will receive pension in remaining years. If policy holder lives, he will receive pension till death.
03.On death before receiving pension the nominee will get the sum assured only once which is five times the annual pension amount.

Supplementary Insurance Brochure

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