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This insurance acts as the best measure of savings. For fixed term or employment Full or partial refund of premium paid during retirement with or without profit There is arrangement. Sum assured is paid on premature death within the term of the policy.

Group Economy Insurance

Features & Eligibility:

Minimum entry age: 18 years
Maximum entry age: 60 years (65 years in particular)
Number of members of group insurance:20 people and more
Duration of contract:5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 years
Maximum sum assured: Sum insured is determined as per the policyholder's proposal
Mode of payment: Yearly
Supplementary rider :Pay some additional premium with this insurance Subsidiary insurance benefits may be availed. It doubles the sum assured in case of accidental death Benefit (DIAB) and twice the sum insured Disability Compensation Benefit (PDAB) with benefits and Critical Illness Insurance (CIB) benefits are available.


01. The premium rate of this insurance is very low.
02. A pre-determined sum assured is paid on the death of the group member and up to the term In case of survival, the entire (100%) premium deposited is refunded with or without profit.
03.Fast insurance claims are paid out on death of group members.
04.In this plan, there is an opportunity to change the insurance number and opt out of the insurance contract during the insurance period.
05.Surrender value of the policy is available in this plan.
06.The premium of this insurance is income tax free.

Supplementary Insurance Brochure

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