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Hajj Insurance

Hajj is the pilgrim of Muslims, a divine course of action for a devotee. Hajj is one of the five commandments (fardh) for a Muslim. It is mandatory if one has financial solvency as well as sound health. Whether you are rich or poor, as an ideal Muslim you are likely to have the desire

Denmohor Insurance

In Islam, rights of women are well preserved in various forms and processes. One of such rights is the provision of Denmohor from the husband to the wife. It is obligatory for the husband to pay his wife this rightful money agreed upon the contract of marriage (kabin-nama) as soon

One Payment Endowment

For those who wish to take up an ISLAMI TAKAFUL insurance policy but unwilling to disburse a regular payment rather pay the total premium at a time, this is a very useful policy. In this plan, one has to pay the premium only once while accepting the policy for the whole term. After

Three Payment Endowments

The plan allows the policy holder to receive money thrice within the policy term. On death within policy term, the nominee gets the amount of money in the Amanat fund with selected profit according to the profit and loss system.ISLAMI THREE PAYMENTS ASSURANCE PLAN (with profit)Features

Four Payment Endowment

The sum assured is payable in four installments to the policy holder within the duration of the policy. Thus the policy holder can use the money to generate his funds periodically either for expansion of business or house construction or children’s education or marriage or any other