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Endowment Insurance (With Profits)

Life insurance that promises to pay a stated amount to a designated beneficiary if the insured dies within a stipulated time or to the insured himself if he survives refers to endowment insurance. Endowment insurance is the most popular plan. It provides family protection as well

Anticipated Endowment Insurance (With Profits)

This plan is designed according to the needs of those persons who apart making provision for his, old age protection feels to generate his funds periodically either for expansion of business or house construction or children's education or marriage.ANTICIPATED ENDOWMENT INSURANCE(WITH

Child Protection Policy

Our Child Protection Policy will insure you and your child both under the same policy. Should the child loss you before the policy matures, all the future premiums will be waived, yet the full sum insured and Bonuses will be paid to the child on the maturity of the policy. Bonuses

Five Payments Endowment Insurance

The sum assured is payable in five installments in between the duration of the policy term. This policy allows the policy holder to meet his financial need more than once in this way. Thus the policy holder can use the money to generate his funds periodically either for expansion

Double Protection Endowment

Death is an inevitable fact of life. To minimize the financial risk and ensure some security for the family due to such loss of life, this double protection plan is preferred by many. If unfortunately the policy holder dies before the maturity of the policy his/her nominee will get

Children Education Security Plan

Children education security scheme enables one to let their children receive the education of highest echelon without worrying about the undue burden of expenses needed. The policy holder does not need to depend on anyone to provide money for his child's education."CHILDREN EDUCATION

Pension Policy

Financial security is a major issue for a person at his late age. It is certain that to live a tension free elderly life pension insurance can definitely be a great deal of help. Pension insurance mitigates the insecurity due to irregular income at old age as well as ensures handsome

Whole Life Insurance

A financial plan for the entire life is offered by NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE in the form of Whole Life Insurance. This simple scheme asks one to pay premiums up to 85 years or till his death. The sum assured with accrued bonus is paid to the nominee after the death of the policy holder."WHOLE

Single Premium Policy

Preparing for the unforeseen contingencies and minimizing the risk of loss is the prior concern while taking up an insurance policy. Single payment insurance is a simple insurance plan introduced to you by National Life Insurance to take you a step ahead. For those who wish to take

Assurance Cum Pension Policy

This scheme also provides benefits of life insurance and lifetime pension. That is, pension Security of life insurance in case of death before commencement, pension for retired life if surviving. May the days of retirement be carefree, thoughtless, carefree, peaceful and serene With