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"GROUP INSURANCE"Group Insurance is an instrument for providing life insurance coverage (protection) to a number of individuals under a single contract (policy) who are associated together for a common interest other than insurance. It is the most cost effective means to provide immediate

Supplementary Covers

♦ SUPPLEMENTARY COVERS ♦To provide insurance protection against few devastating conditions other than death, and to enhance insurance benefit in case of sudden accidental death, several Supplementary Covers are offered along with basic schemes. Supplementary covers include:Accidental

National Hospitalization Plan

♦ NATIONAL HOSPITALIZATION PLAN ♦Health Insurance is now considered indispensable in developed countries. In the present financial-social perspective of Bangladesh as well, Health Insurance has now become an essential, dependable, acceptable and the most cost effective

Group Term Insurance

In this insurance, only the death risk is accepted for a specified term of a group of members. of the agreement In the event of the death of a member of the group under the scheme, the pre-determined sum insured is the insurance company's insurance Payment is made in favor of

Group Endowment Insurance

This insurance plan is taken for the purpose of death risk and future savings of group members. Refund of Sum Assured on death of the insured member during the term or at the end of the term in case of survival goesGroup Endowment InsuranceFeatures & Eligibility: Minimum

Group Economy Insurance

This insurance acts as the best measure of savings. For fixed term or employment Full or partial refund of premium paid during retirement with or without profit There is arrangement. Sum assured is paid on premature death within the term of the policy.Group Economy InsuranceFeatures

Group Anticipated Insurance

Group Anticipated Insurance is a very convenient plan for any group members. This scheme is very popular among institutional customers as the group members have the opportunity to avail pre-maturity funds for housing, marriage or special family needs. In this insurance The sum assured

Group Pension Insurance

There is no alternative to group pension insurance to make retirement financially worry-free. This insurance continues till death with guaranteed pension payment for 10 (ten) years at the end of the insurance term.Associate Insurance (Group Pension Insurance)One or all of the